Frequently Asked Question:

1.Why should I choose to come to Bhutan through Drukdra Expeditions?

A:Travelling with Drukdra Expeditions is all about discovering uniqueness of the country at the same time with yourself. Infact our experience in tourism sector always aim at providing personalized service of the highest quality that’s what we offer –lifestyle experience, one without limitation. Drukdra Expeditions group are teacher of our culture and openly share with our clients. We take the greatest pride for serving our clients to their utmost satisfaction, friendly and caring service. “Our clients come first” that’s our philosophy.

2.What is the best time for me to visit Bhutan?

A:Spring and Autume/fall, because during this time the weather is favourable,the landscape looks more beautifull and more chance to enjoy oneself.

3.What kind of clothes should I bring?

A:Well travelling you can wear which ever dress is comfortable for you but to visit temples and monuments you need to have long sleeves shirts and pants.it will be good for you to carry hats and sun caps.in shorts its always better to be prepare with some layers.

4.How should I carry money?

A.it will be good to carry in travellers checks.ATM,visa cards are also accepted in some high-end tourist shops and hotels but it will be good if you carry some cash which you feel comfortabe to carry for back up.

  1. What kind of food do I get?

A: In most of theTourist hotels have a choice of Bhutanese, Indian, Chinese, Thai and other continental dish.

6.What kind of transportation you use?

A: We use comfortable and safe Japanese/Korean car, van and coaster to transport our guest.

7.What kind of language do people speak?

A:Dzongkha is the national language of Bhutan; however English is common in the most towns and cities and also is the medium of language in schools and colleges however Dzongkha {national language} is used in the education system across the country alongside with English.

8.Is there any electricity problem?

A: Electricity is available in almost all of the towns and places which are frequently visited by the tourist. But it is good if you carry touch for emergency purpose.

If some of your questions are not been answered, please you can write to drukdraexpeditions@gmail.com