Gross National Happiness (GNH), our development philosophy as espoused by his majesty the forth Druk Gyalpo king Jigme Singye Wangchuk clearly spells out the policies and program that are designed to create the conditions that are necessary to promote holistic human development and happiness, GNH is based on the ideology that “the pursuit of happiness is found in all people and is equally deserved”. GNH follows a “middle path” approach in which spiritual and material pursuits are balanced.

Noble vision of GNH aim to create happiness and it is conditional for the nation as a whole. It is very plausible that in the expansive drive to achieve the collective, the right and freedom of individual entities can be sacrificed in the bargain and capitalized on the opportunities provided by globalization by leveraging our strengths through the creation of an efficient, investor friendly environment, supported by coordinated development of policies, infrastructures and focus.

GNH concept, the issue of equitable distribution of happiness among individual and adequate protection of individual right in process of government require careful analysis. Mainly GNH is divided into four noble pillars; they are sustainable and equitable social-economic development, conservation of environment, Preservation and promotion of culture and good governance.

His majesty the fourth king of Bhutan is admired for his unique philosophy all over the world, by donors and others alike for her remarkable socio-economic progress over the last four decades. This is mainly due to the unique development philosophy of GNH.

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